Pringle Wildlife Preserve



A 17-acre parcel of land located at the corner of River Road and Windham Center Road. Jim and Jane Pringle of Windham, who used the property as farmland for their cattle for about 20 years, generously donated it to the land trust in December of 2006. Before that it belonged to George Lowell who used it as a dairy farm for roughly 50 years.

The Preserve is a fairly flat field with marshy areas that surround Otter Brook, which flows through the length of the property. Dr. Pringle has noticed the wetlands getting larger because of the growth of vegetation in the streambed since the cattle are no longer grazing on it.

In the early spring, there are ducks and great blue heron that take advantage of the waterlogged sections. The open field is a perfect spot for hawks to prey on the small field mammals. Later in the spring, tree swallows flitter over the property feasting on the insects that are attracted to the various wildflowers that spread throughout the field. In the back end of the property, towards Sterling Drive, there is a wall of shrubs and young pines that have sprouted up creating a shady shelter for deer and other animals (as evidenced by the existing trails that lead into them). On top of the hill, what look to be two fox dens have been spotted!

Location Access

Access to the PWP is off of Windham Center Road. From North Windham take River Road to the first blinking light at intersections of Windham Center and River. Make a left at this light and park on the widened shoulder to your right on Windham Center Road before the soccer field.


The Pringle Wildlife Preserve is a very good spot for bird watching. The viewing platform, which was built by an Eagle Scout and his troop, is perfect for viewing a great variety of birds that inhabit the area. There are ducks and great blue heron as well as many songbirds.

The viewing platform is also used for skywatching. It is a great place to view the International Space Station and the many different sky events such as meteor showers and lunar eclipses.

Walking down by the culvert that goes underneath the Windham Center Road it is possible to see otters for which the brook is named. There are also deer and other wildlife on the preserve.

In the winter it is possible to cross country ski on the preserve.


Quick Facts


Park on the widened shoulder on Windham Center Road before the soccer field


17 Acres


Nature walks, bird watching, learning opportunities