Planned Giving

In addition to annual contributions to the Windham Land Trust, you may Include WLT in your planned giving. Including WLT in your estate planning can make a substantial contribution to preserving and protecting Windham’s natural beauty for future generations.


There are several ways to make a planned gift:  bequests, trust gifts, gifts of insurance, appreciated securities, or donation of a remainder interest.



You may make a gift to the Windham Land Trust through your will. Bequest provisions in a will allow you to control the distribution of the estate, and to preserve as much of the estate as possible through tax-saving opportunities. Bequests can be used to endow an annual contribution, to place conservation easements on land, or to make a special gift of cash or land that will enhance the Windham Land Trust’s ability to protect more land in the future.


Trust Gifts

Assets may be transferred to a trust during your lifetime or upon death.  Payments may be given to the Windham Land Trust during the terms of the trust, with payments made to the donors’ family upon termination of the trust or vice versa.


Gifts of Insurance

Some donors may find they no longer need their life insurance policies. A donation of a life insurance policy can be an important piece of estate planning. Although it is sometimes overlooked, the proceeds from insurance policies may be part of an individual’s taxable estate. Instead of cashing in the policies, you may gift them to the Land Trust and claim a tax deduction for the cash value of the policy. 


Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities have a double benefit. The securities’ full market value is tax-deductible, and if the securities have appreciated in value, capital gains taxation can also be avoided.


Donation of a Remainder Interest

You may donate land and continue to live on it and use it during your lifetime. Full title and control of the property transfers to the Land Trust at the end of the specified life interests. You may be entitled to an income tax deduction at the time the gift is made.


As with any financial decision, WLT urges you to consult your legal and financial advisors to determine the best way to proceed and maximize your tax benefits. Please contact us at (207) 892-5537 if you wish to discuss ideas about planned giving.