Become a Windham Land Trust Volunteer

How can a volunteer help out? We are strictly a volunteer organization at this time, so everything helps. Let’s start with a small time commitment.

  • Helping out at a bean supper by cooking a dish or working the kitchen
  • Working outside on trail maintenance or adopting a section of trail to keep up
  • Making trail signs for trails or nature interest sites
  • Grant writing - Raising large sums of money for specific properties is one of our biggest challenges.  Several times a year we may be offered easements or property and it all takes money
  • Volunteer at or donate items for yard sale or other fundraising events
  • Talk to others, spread the word.  If you're in an organization that supports land preservation or wants to be a community volunteer such as the Boy Scouts (we have helped develop projects for Eagle scouts) or an Outdoor Club, school group, any group or any one person we can use your help
  • Got a fund raising idea?    

The above ideas are just a few samples of how anyone can help.  Some seem small in comparison to the amount of money and energy needed to make a difference, but small things can make big things happen and it does make a difference.  In 50 or 100 years when a child is walking through the woods, their mind's eye filled with curiosity and wonder, it's worth it.  Even though you may never see it, it's worth it.

To volunteer e-mail:  info@thewindhamlandtrust.org